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Learning Disability Counselling

Children with learning disability have average or above level of IQ, but their problem is either with language or numbers- reading, writing and comprehension. They are first assessed for the type of disability and level of severity .

Training needs to be planned accordingly. It includes:

• Training in reading, writing, numbers etc, as per the disability

• Attention training

• Behavior training

Talking to the child’s school principal, teachers and school counsellor is also important to ensure that they are aware of his/her condition and sensitized to it. This may mean the child having additional support at their current school. In case of higher levels of retardation, moving to a school more suited to their needs is suggested.

We conduct the following assessments for children and adolescents

• IQ testing

• Learning Disabilities Assessment

• Social skills Assessment

• ADHD assessment

• Autism assessment

• Mental illness Assessments

• Personality Assessments

• Neuropsychological Assessments: attention, memory

• Aptitude and Interest assessment (for career purpose)

We provide the Following Services

• Behavior therapy- phobia, mental retardation

• Social Skills Training

• LD Tutoring

• Study skills development

• Time management

• Anger management

• Anxiety management

• Treatment of ADHD

• Relaxation training

• Yoga and meditation

• Biofeedback

• Specific therapies for mental illnesses

• Psychoeducation to family members and caregivers