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Ritu Sharma

Counsellor and Healer

Is your life, your marriage, or your child suffering? I provide therapy geared to your needs. If you want things in your life to be different, I'll work with you on
the specific goals you have. I'm dedicated, professional and personable. I am an avid believer in hope and I'll share that with you.I'll even hold on to hope for
you if you aren't able to at this time.

I have work with individuals, couples (married and not married), children, teens, and entire families together. I specialize in relationship work.

People tell me they feel comfortable with me right away, even if they are apprehensive about going to therapy. I listen and care deeply. I believe in working
respectfully,ethically, and authentically with each client.

We understand pain and, more importantly, recovery. We work with you to uncover the root issues that prolong your happiness and contribute to unhealthy
life patterns. We help you break free, achieve peace, and reconnect to yourself.

Issue on which I can provide help

1. Academic Issue

2. Emotional Imbalance

3. Relationship Issues

4. Marriage Related issues and counseling.

5. Deal with stress and other pressures.

6. Resolve Fear panic and other anxieties

7. Parenting problem.

8. Lack of Self Esteem.

9. Sex problem.