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Dr Ajay Sharma is a Renowned Clinical psychologist, practicing in the city of Indore, catering to a wide spectrum of cases ranging from young kids, adolescents to elderly people, married couples and corporates. He is an expert in various types of psychotherapies and techniques including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused based short term therapy, Group therapy, Family therapy, Marital therapy, Sex Therapy, Counseling for Suicidal Patients, Anger Management techniques and Relaxation techniques to mention a few. The knowledge of the above, coupled with an experience of more than 14 years makes him well equipped to deal with range and variety of cases with successful results. Best Psychologist in indore| Best Clinical and Child Psychologist| Psychiatrist Indore| renowned clinical psychologist| Psychiatrist In Indore| Clinical Psychologist in indore | Psychologist in Indore| Marriage Counselor in Indore| Psychiatrist in Indore| Sex Therapy in Indore| Child Psychologist in Indore| IQ Testing in Indore